Oliekeerring, krukas, 9-3, vliegwielzijde
  • Oliekeerring, krukas, 9-3, vliegwielzijde

Radial oil seal Crankshaft, Clutch side, Z18XE, SAAB 9-3


Radial oil seal Crankshaft, Clutch side for engines Z18XE

Position:  Crankshaft, Clutch side
Material:  PTFE (Teflon)

Additional info:
Please note the service instructions!



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Service instructions:

The following mandatory instructions from the manufacturers of the new PTFE (teflon)-type radial oil seals have to be followed precisely:

New type without garter spring!

These radial oil seals have to be mounted "dry", never apply grease or oil to them like it is usual while mounting conventional radial seals.

Always use an accurately fitting assembly sleeve, flanges or covers have to be fixed properly before removing the assembly sleeve. Usually the assembly sleeve is included with delivery of PTFE radial seals.

After installation the engine has not to be started until the primary lip has assumed it´s definite shape around the shaft. The adaption period can take up to 8 hours, the exact idle time has to be taken from the individual product´s manufacturer instructions.

Disregarding the adaption period will cause immediate leakage of the new radial seal!

Conventional and PTFE radial seals should not be exchanged against each other, always use the type originally dedicated to the car by the manufacturer.


9-3 from 2003 up to 2011. All models with engines Z18XE

OEM # 55355235