Voorveer, SAAB 9-3
  • Voorveer, SAAB 9-3

Suspension spring Front axle Spring code: AW , SAAB 9-3

Suspension spring Front axle

Axle:  Front axle
Spring code:  AW
Colour:  red-white


Coil springs can only be ordered as a set. Price quoted is for a set.



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Additional info:
Chassis code can be found at the bottom of the VIN plate on the vehicle.
The individual chassis components are given the following abbreviations:
1. AL-spring front
2. BF-spring rear
3. B-roll bars front
4. B-stabilizer rear
5. F-strut insert front *
6. F-rear shock absorber

* The front right and left strut insert are different. They have the same code but different part numbers.


9-3 from 1998 up to 2002. All models

OEM # 4778767

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