Koppakkingset, 95, 96
  • Koppakkingset, 95, 96

Gasket set, Cylinder head from '67, 95, 96, Sonnet


Head gasket 1.5L V4

Complete set of gaskets, etc., for use in a koprevisie and / or head gasket repair for SAAB 95 and 96 with a V4 engine.

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The V4 engine used in the Saab 95, 96 and Sonett was produced by Ford in two versions, as open-deck and closed-deck engine.

The exact installation period of the Ford engines at Saab is not clearly transparent. We offer the spare parts roughly by model year.

You can measure the spark plug thread length as a guide for the selection of spare parts*.

- Up to app. October 1967 as open-deck engine.

Spark plugs with 12.7mm thread length. Piston ring thickness 2-3-4mm.

Suitable head gaskets:

left: SCP-27104

right: SCP-27105

Set: SCP-52636

- From app. November 1967 as closed-deck engine.

Spark plugs with 19mm thread length. Piston ring thickness 2-3-5mm.

Suitable head gaskets:

left: SCP-52634

right: SCP-52635

Set: SCP-03112

The cylinder heads are interchangeable, also the 2-3-4 pistons can be installed in the later engines. Exchange engines are also more common. For this reason, however, deviations may occur in practice in individual cases.

SAAB 95. All models from 1967 with engines V4
SAAB 96. All models from 1967 with engines V4
Sonnet V4. All models from 1968 with engines V4

OEM # 8817173